The view from our "office" window changes daily!
The view from our "office" window changes daily!

Services Offered

With over 30 years experience in B.C.'s forest industry we know we can help.  These are the services our company provides.


Total Chance and Total Resource Planning

Multi-pass harvest plans that work on the ground.  We have used stereoscopes on aerial photos, backed by field verification and adjustments, to plan road and block locations for 30 years.


Full-Phase Forest Development

- Pre-planning photo interpretation

- LIDAR analysis of terrain and stand attributes

- Field Reconnaissance

- Block and road layout

- Timber Cruising - Appraisal, Call Grade/Net Factor, PPP, Big BAF

- Mapping and GIS


Field Engineering

We've located and surveyed hundreds of kilometres of logging roads on the often challenging terrain found in the Rocky Mountain Trench. Where clients have LIDAR data, we are experienced with road and harvest design using LIDAR with QGIS and Softree RoadEng.   Services include:

- Road layout, traverse and computerized design

- Bridge and culvert location and Site Plans

- P-Line and as-built surveys

- R/W staking and marking


Visual Impact Analysis

We use Visual Nature Studio (TM3dNature) software to simulate the visual impact of your planned harvest or construction activities on the landscape.


Silviculture Site Plan (SP)

Data collection and document preparation for signature.

We analyse soil, terrain, and plant community chracteristics to identify suitable harvesst and silviculture regimes.


Forest Health

Mountain Pine Beetle attack management.

Root Rot Surveys and mitigation recommendations.


Silviculture Surveys


Fuel Management


Timber Evaluation


Pin Finding and Site Drawings for landowners (in Valemount and area)





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